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The Truth About Special Needs is a podcast about what it’s like to raise children with special needs and disabilities. This is a place for special families to discuss some of the things that others might not know about or be able to relate to. It’s also a place for people who just have questions about special needs to freely ask those questions, and learn more about it.

Each week, we discuss a wide range of topics facing special families, and share a bit of our story along the way. We also invite you to join the conversation, and share your thoughts and stories, as well!

Chris & Esther

We live in Northern California with our three sons: twins Hunter & Mason, and the youngest, Connor.

During our free time, we both enjoy engaging in creative projects. Esther enjoys refurbishing furniture and creating new decorations. Chris enjoys making videos, drawing comics and, of course, podcasting.

Our first son, Hunter, was born with a condition called pachygyria, which has resulted in severe mental and physical disabilities. Despite some rough patches, Hunter is a generally happy boy with a sweet and loving personality. Our ongoing journey with Hunter, along with Chris’ love for podcasting, inspired us to start this podcast as a way to provide a safe forum for open discussions about special needs families.


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An honest look at life in a special needs family