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TTASN 2: Can You Say That?

What terms are acceptable when referring to a child with special needs?

As we’ve become more and more a part of the hip new subculture known as “special needs families,” one thing has become clear: some people really care about using the “correct” terminology. There are certain words or phrases that, while seemingly innocent or even previously acceptable,  can potentially trigger a negative reaction (or at least a correction).

Things like…

  • Disabled vs differently-abled
  • Special needs children vs children with special needs
  • Special needs vs special powers
  • …and more

In this episode, we share our personal opinions on the issue, and give some down-to-earth advice for people who might be trying to navigate through the rough waters of special needs terminology. Here’s a hint: it’s the heart behind the words that really matters.

What words do YOU use to refer to children with special needs? Do you disagree with something we said?

Whether you have your own opinion on this issue, questions about raising special needs children, topic suggestions, or comments, we want to hear from you!

Here's how you can join the conversation: 1. Send a voice message through your computer 2. Email us at specialneedspodcast@icloud.com 3. Leave a comment below!

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