TTASN 1: Our Story

When you first picture having twins, there are a lot of images that come to mind; both children playing together in the yard, learning new things together, competing to reach new milestones.

At least, that’s what we pictured. But life is very rarely quite the way we picture it. When we discovered that one of our children was physically and mentally disabled, we had to let go of some of those images, and navigate through a completely different adventure.

In our first episode, we discuss our journey with our son, Hunter; the first signs that something wasn’t quite normal, some of our biggest struggles in the beginning, our reaction to Hunter’s diagnosis, and finally having a happy boy again.

You have a story, too!

Whether you have your own opinion on this issue, questions about raising special needs children, topic suggestions, or comments, we want to hear from you!

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4 thoughts on “TTASN 1: Our Story”

  1. Thank you. That was really good. I appreciated what you said about the “death of your dreams” (my words, not yours) when you realized your thoughts of what you would do (go for hikes, etc.) with your twins would not come to fruition. I think your honesty will allow others to be honest about their disappointments, too.

  2. I enjoyed your podcast, I hope people who do not have special needs kids listen to this. It is not a burden, it is just life to us. What we consider normal.

  3. Just wanted to say Thank you very much! My husband and I’s first child our son Daniel Jr. which we called Dan-o was born with special needs. Dan-o was born with severe spastic quadupelgic cerebral palsy. He also suffered from severe epilepsy, he was cortically blind, never really mobile ever, and was unable to speak except for yea uh huh and momma. We were told after 10 days of tests after he was born in october of 1993 that he was not going to live much longer to just say good bye and deal with it. My entire pregnancy he was completely normal no problems. Our son Dan-o lived to be 2 months shy of 19 years. Our miracle child was our blessing from god that was not going to out live us which was never any parents plan. Our second child is completely fine and doing ok dealing with the death of her older brother. But I just wanted to again say thank you for giving new and maybe just unsure parents of a special needs child a place to go and get answers and support. Thank you Thank you. Jamie wood

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